Many people are not aware that they can go to court to modify custody or modify support.  If circumstances change, either parent may petition the court for a change in custody or support.  The State of California Child Support Services offers a guideline for support based on both parties income and percentage of time with their child.  The State website provides the information through a few simple steps.  Modification of custody or support can be lengthy, especially if the other parent does not agree.  San Diego Legal Documents specializes in assisting parents in coming to an agreement through mediation, or preparing and filing, on an expedited basis, if needed, the request for modification so a hearing date can be set as soon as possible.  Our office offers free consultations for any family law situation.  We also are experienced in corporate formations, unlawful detainers, bankruptcies, and small claims.

Our goal is to provide the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved.  We work with family therapists, attorneys, financial analysts, and real estate brokers to ensure all of your needs are met.  San Diego Legal Documents is a locally owned company that can provide legal services at a fraction of the cost.  We look forward to hearing from you.