We have heard this question many times – “Why can’t I just use LegalZoom?”  With LegalZoom or any of the online legal document preparation services, you just enter your information and it produces a standard legal document, that may or may not be suitable to your needs.  How do you know if it is the document you need?  How do you know that all the necessary language is there?….The answer is – you don’t.  Without a properly trained individual, that you can discuss your needs with, you will just assume this online service is able to accommodate all of your needs.  What if there’s a mistake?  What if something is missed?  You certainly did not pay the online service to find those.  Unfortunately that often happens after the fact when something is rejected or you get a letter from the State that you missed a filing.  At that point, you then have to pay someone to do it all over for you.

LegalZoom resorts to providing only general information on legal issues commonly encountered, and offers guidance in some instances by indicating that a majority of its customers have answered a question a certain way.  The problem is that everyone’s situation is unique.  Just because the majority of customers have answered a question a certain way, for example, doesn’t necessarily make it right for your individual circumstances.  On December 18, 2009, LegalZoom was sued in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Cole County Missouri for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law (see Janson v. LegalZoom complaint).  Is that really who you want providing legal services to you?

The difference between using LegalZoom and a legal document preparer or assistant (“LDA”), is that the LDA knows exactly which documents are necessary to suit your needs.  You will have a live person that is handling your matter and has resources, such as attorneys and professionals in the community to assist you further, if needed.  An attorney can also prepare your documents and provide you with any legal advice you may need, so you can be sure that all of your “i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.”

San Diego Legal Documents utilizes LDAs, attorneys, financial analysts, marriage and family therapists, mediation, and real estate experts to assist you with any legal need you may have and ensures that everything is correct and your needs are completely addressed.  Contact keeley@sdlegaldocs.com to set up your free consultation.