What is San Diego’s One Day Divorce Program?

We are asked about San Diego’s One Day Divorce Program frequently.  Here is some information on the program so you can decide if it’s right for you. Here’s the long and the short of it – no, you will not be divorced in a day.  If this were possible everyone would go this route.  There is a six month mandatory waiting period that applies to ALL divorces in California, regardless of whether you go through this program or hire the most expensive divorce attorney in California.  In order to participate in this program you must first file a Petition for Dissolution with the Court.  Then the other party must be served correctly.  That is when the time starts for the six month waiting period.  After six months, you and your spouse can go down to the courthouse and meet with a court-appointment divorce assistant, if you have: reached an agreement on all orders that will be included in your judgment, including division of property and debts, spousal support, and if you have children, a parenting plan and child support.

Potential Pitfalls

It’s a tall order with a lot of potential pitfalls. It assumes that the Petition for Dissolution is correctly filed and served.  If the filing and/or service was erroneous in any way, you must start again.  This will create another delay, causing your divorce to take longer.  Once this part is complete, your spouse cannot have Responded to the Petition or retained an attorney.  Finally, you need to have disclosed everything to the other party, and you both need to be in agreement on everything.  If you show up without something you were required to bring to Court, or any part of the first step wasn’t completed correctly, you will not be able to complete the process and will need to return another time.

The Upside

I’m certainly not saying it’s a bad program.  It is necessary to help a large portion of the self-represented population, however people should be aware that it will not get your divorce done any faster.  It could actually end up taking more time.  If you would like to make sure your divorce paperwork is done correctly, from start to finish, and do not want to have to take time off to go to court to get it done, please contact one of the Legal Document Assistants at San Diego Legal Documents.  We prepare all of your legal filing with guaranteed accuracy, without the high cost of an attorney.

This article was written by Keeley Landes, LDA. She can be contacted at Keeley@SDLegalDocs.com or by calling 858-876-5888