What is the fastest way to divorce in San Diego County?  While there is no way to expedite a divorce beyond the mandatory 6 month waiting period, accuracy when preparing court documents is essential.  When most people begin the divorce process they would like to complete it as fast, and as cheap, as possible. For these reasons they often go directly to the court for assistance, assuming that the family law facilitators will help them expedite the process for little or no cost. I have found that this is rarely the result and often causes in the process to be drawn out unnecessarily and clients end up paying for private services that they wish that had just done from the start.

Rejected Court Documents

I recently went to court with a friend to help him have a default judgment entered. He had gone to the court and had them help him fill out the paperwork that was necessary to complete his case, but the facilitator helping him had him fill in something on the wrong line. This one wrong document caused all of his other divorce paperwork to be invalid, and the court was requesting that he do it all over again. I was able to help him get it corrected and resubmitted, but the delay costs him months. If you don’t have anyone assisting you with the paperwork, and the documents are rejected by the court, the court clerks are not allowed to assist you with fixing them. You will need to go down to the court again, wait to speak with a family law facilitator, and hope that they have you do it correctly.

I get innumerable clients because of incorrect information received from the court itself, or simply because they cannot get any assistance at all. For individuals that do not have the option to hire a Legal Document Preparer or Freelance Paralegal to prepare their divorce documents, going to court for assistance is the only option, but if it is worth a few hundred dollars to have your divorce completed with accuracy, efficiency, and with far less anxiety, then hiring a document preparer to handle your divorce court paperwork may be the right course for you.

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