San Diego Legal Documents is excited to announce attorney support services for 2017.  The services will provide attorneys the ability to contract our legal document assistants on an “as-needed” basis for a flat rate.  They will no longer have to worry about hourly pay, medical benefits, workers’ compensation, etc.

By using a freelance paralegal to handle the document preparation, you have more time to advise and represent clients, without the added costs of hiring an employee. Here are some of the areas we can be of assistance to attorneys.

Client interface

  • Handle the initial intake and gathering of client information.
  • Reach out to the client to gather missing or ambiguous information.
  • Provide a faster response and turnaround time, increasing client satisfaction.

Financial Disclosures (Family Law)

  • Provide clients with a sheet to help them gather what they need to do their financial disclosures.
  • Provide them with a link to enter their financial information
  • Send the client a follow-up email with any missing information
  • Conduct a phone call with the client to clarify any ambiguous information
  • Populate ready-to-serve financial disclosures for you to review and discuss with your client and serve on the other party.

Court Document Preparation

  • Family Law:
    • Petition/Response
    • Financial Disclosures
    • Final Judgment Package with or without an MSA
    • QDROs
    • RFOs
    • Trial preparation
    • Court Filing and Service
  • Civil:
    • Summons and Complaint
    • Default Judgment Documents
    • Request to Set Trial Date
    • Motions, Demurrers, Ex Parte
    • Discovery
    • Trial Preparation
    • Court filing and service

If the documents need to be redone for any reason, we will fix it at no charge. What that means for you is no more anxiety over rejection letters. We will handle it and have it resubmitted promptly.  Feel free to contact us for more information and details regarding rates.