When faced with a legal situation, it is often a very stressful time. Most people think they only have two options. One is to endure the anxiety and do it yourself. This can involve filing out multiple, lengthy form packets, standing in line at the court house to file your papers, and finding someone to serve the other party properly. This not only adds to the stress, but legal forms can be very confusing, and if done incorrectly, your case may be delayed or even dismissed.

The other option is hire an attorney to do it for you, but often people choose not to hire an attorney, either because it is too costly, or because they want to leave the attorneys out of it.

San Diego Legal Documents is able to offer another option. We help people who are not represented by an attorney prepare their legal documents. San Diego Legal Documents will provide fast, accurate and inexpensive document preparation, and all forms are completed just like they would have been if an attorney filled them out. We handle all family law matters, court filing, and service of process on the other party.

They are a few online sites that can prepare legal documents for you, but you will not get the personal attention that you receive from San Diego Legal Documents. There is no replacement for being able to sit down with a live person as you go through the process of filling out and filing your legal documents. This assures that everything is answered thoroughly, correctly, and tailored to your particular case. We will meet with you personally and get to know you and your situation. We have structured questionnaires that help simplify the process, and we fill out all of the forms for you. We do not charge a retainer for our services, we charge a flat fee for each service, and all costs will be made clear and approve by you up front. Most importantly, we treat each client with honesty and integrity, from beginning to end.